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I know that something is going on with...

Q. I know that something is going on with my daughter, but she keeps saying no and brushes me off. What should I do? A. Find a quiet time to talk when you won’t be disturbed by the phone, the TV, or anyone else. You may have to leave the house. Tell her that you know something is wrong. Tell her that there is no problem too big that can’t ...

I talked to the teacher about a bullying...

Q. I talked to the teacher about a bullying situation that my son told me about, but the teacher insists that my son is provoking the situation and the school won’t do anything about it. What should I do? A. Regardless of whether a child is at the giving or receiving end of bullying, the school needs to deal with it. It may be that your son ...

How much of this stuff is really bullying...

Q. How much of this stuff is really bullying and how much of it is just kids being kids? A. In every instance where something is done to a child by another, and the intention of that action was to put the first child at risk in some way, then it is bullying. As to the statistics, an act of bullying occurs, on average, once every 6-7 minutes on...

Is name calling really bullying?

Yes, if the three conditions are present that would make it bullying.  These three conditions are:  Was it intentionally mean spirited (embarrassing, humiliating or otherwise a put down)? Was there a power difference between the person doing the name calling and the person being called names? Was the namecalling repeate...

What do I do if the teacher/coach is a bully?

This is always a difficult situation because it involves someone who works directly with our child(ren). Document the reasons you think that the teacher/coach is involved in bullying behaviour. Set up a meeting with the individual and let him/her know that some situations have been brought to your attention and you need help clarifying some things....

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Bullying hurts, and keeps on hurting

  •   most bullying goes unnoticed and unreported
  •   school is a prime location for bullying
  •   the effects of bullying can last a lifetime

Bullying is one of the most underrated and enduring problems in schools today and is a reality in the lives of all children, whether they are bullies, victims or witnesses.

Teachers, students, support staff, parents and administrators need to work as a team to take action against bullying.
Bully Beware offers Resources, Products and information for Educators, Families and Students.


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